About Malta

About Malta

The reason for our operations – the destination itself; an archipelago at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea with a unique culture and vast timeline of history, and a welcome that you rarely find elsewhere.

The Maltese Islands, consisting of Malta, Gozo and Comino, have an allure of escapism, and only a few hours flying time from Europe's major airports and cities this is the perfect destination for conference, incentive, short or long-stay vacations, themed and corporate events and specialist tours.

A typically Mediterranean climate bathes the islands in an almost tropical climate in summer and a relatively mild temperature in winter, ensuring that the islands remain attractive to visitors all year round. In fact, around 1.2 million people visit the islands each year from across the globe.

Facilities are plentiful, from quality restaurants and nightclubs to excellent water sports activities, scuba diving, rock climbing, and there is also an abundance of stunning four and five-star hotels in which to enjoy a pleasant and luxurious stay on the islands.

The Maltese locals are renowned for their hospitality, perhaps due in no small part to the islands' constant occupation; centuries of visitors have crossed onto Maltese shores leaving an imprint on our culture and their place in history.  The beauty of Malta is the juxtaposition of old and new, from the intrepid seafaring Phoenicians in 800BC to the Knights of the Order of St. John to the British, who occupied Malta as recently as 1964. In fact today, Maltese and English are both official languages of the islands.

There are few Mediterranean destinations which offer such a mosaic of past and present as an active part of any leisure, conference or incentive stay.  From the Sea that has determined the islands’ fate over millennia, to unparalleled riches of art, archaeology and architecture.  Malta and its sister islands are a kaleidoscope of discovery.